Turkish coffee

How to prepare a Turkish coffee with foam

cafe turc avec loukoum

It is prepared in the “cezve” (\dʒɛz.ve\), a typical copper and brass vessel with a long handle.
To prepare it, you need to buy very finely ground coffee.
It is drunk in small, low cups, once the powder has completely settled.

Comment préparer le café turc

How to make Turkish coffee with foam:

*Pour as many cups of cold water into the cezve as the number of coffees you wish to prepare. For example: for 2 coffees = 2 cups of cold water.
Add as many heaping teaspoons of coffee to the cold water as there are cups of water. For example: for 2 coffees = 2 heaping spoons.

*Sweeten to your liking and stir to dissolve the sugar.

*Stir everything together off the heat until the coffee and sugar are well diluted.
Heat over low-medium heat until foam forms on top of the coffee. Be careful not to stir the coffee or you will not get any foam!

*When the foam starts to appear, remove the coffee from the heat. The coffee should not boil!
Divide the foam between all the cups and put the coffee back on the fire. Foam should form on top. Remove coffee from heat and pour into cups.
If you want more foam, you can repeat the process several times before pouring the coffee into the cups.

*Pour the hot coffee over the foam very gently. Ideally, it would be good to do this very gently so as not to dissipate the foam. It should remain intact on top. A good coffee is judged by the quality of the foam at the time of service. The more the better!

Enjoy the tasting!

Did you know that? In Turkey, when a man comes to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage, his family prepares a salted coffee. If he drinks it without flinching, it is a sign that he will be a good husband


Turkish coffee is always served in half-cup cups and if prepared correctly, it should have foam on top. It is often served with a glass of water as a palate cleanser and with the famous Turkish sweet delicacy or turkish delight.

According to superstition, people used to serve their guests turkish delight coffee with Turkish Turkish turkish delight to ask for their satisfaction. If the guest eats the turkish delight after drinking the coffee, it means that he is satisfied with the way he was welcomed. And if it doesn’t, it means that the host is not satisfied with the way it has hosted.

Cream or milk is never added to Turkish coffee, but extra sugar is optional.

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