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As one of the largest producers of turkish delightin France, we work closely with wholesalers and distributors throughout Europe. We are always looking for new partners to work with and ensure that a successful partnership is built to deliver a great product.

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Let’s not forget that we offer different ranges of turkish delight: Fruity, traditional, mega, atom and many others! There is something for every taste and budget!

We guarantee that your customers will love our turkish delight!

If you would like to collaborate, contact us today to discuss this opportunity and offer a new product line to your customers.

Pastries & Sweets

Do you have a tea or pastry shop? So why not offer our turkish delightto your customers! Our turkish delightare the excellence of Turkish confectionery products.

We provide a wide variety of pastries and confectionery, satisfied with our wide range of turkish delight.


Do you have a convenience store or a supermarket? So why not offer our turkish delightto your customers!

Nothing better than sweet and delicious turkish delightto enrich your offer and make your customers discover this delicacy.

Fresh Loukoum shipped as soon as possible

At the heart of our story is the love for the best Turkish delicacies, the unique taste without preservatives or additives.

We do not use any artificial colors or flavors, additives or preservatives to serve the original and unique taste to the lovers of turkish delight. We continue to replenish our inventory frequently for a better sweet experience. Please also try our other different flavors of Turkish delicacies.

  • Made with original beet root sugar (no glucose syrup)
  • A delicious taste
  • A little sweetness not too sweet
  • Takes you on a journey to the land of the pashas
  • Traditionally made
  • Gourmet Quality
  • Covered with real rose petals
  • Freshly prepared
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Why choose Délice Land ?

To guarantee the best quality, our products are handmade with pure ingredients and 100% natural flavors. With every bite, you feel the taste of tradition and simplicity.

Our Loukoums are handmade from the finest ingredients. Gluten-free, vegetarian and Halal, they will leave you speechless. Taste the authentic flavor of a turkish delight!

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